Ambrose of Milan

Ambrose of Milan studied Scripture and theology. His preaching made a difference in the lives of people for Jesus Christ.



Aurelius Ambrosius was born to Christian parents in 340 AD. He grew up to become a skilled orator and lawyer and administrator. He quickly rose to prominence. In 372, he became a governor, with offices in Milan.

There were great conflicts between Christians and the followers of Arius.

When the Bishop of Milan died in 374, both Christians and Arians had gathered to elect the next bishop. Since a riot was likely, Governor Ambrose arrived to calm everybody down.

Someone called out, “Ambrose for bishop!” Within minutes he was elected bishop of Milan.

Ambrose didn’t want the job. He wasn’t even baptized. He hid in a colleague’s house. But his host soon ratted him out. Within a week, Ambrose was baptized, ordained as a bishop, and installed as the bishop of Milan.

Ambrose had no training in Scripture or theology, so he studied them enthusiastically. He used his discoveries in his preaching.

The preaching of Ambrose influenced many, including a young spiritual seeker from northern Africa, whom he baptized. We know that seeker as Augustine of Hippo.

Ambrose is one of the most influential church figures of the fourth century. He’s counted as one of the four original Doctors of the Church.

The extensive writings of Ambrose infused fresh life into the Christian community. Ambrose made a difference in the lives of people for Jesus Christ.

The Memorial of Ambrose of Milan is observed each year on December 7.


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