Nadia Eghbal wore one outfit for a year

A young woman named Nadia Eghbal was into fashion. But she decided to wear the same outfit every day for a year. Why did she do this? How did it affect her?



Nadia was into clothing and fashion. But eventually, she became overwhelmed by shopping and designing and sewing. It felt like a poor use of her time. And her identity should not be defined by her wardrobe.

She began paring down her wardrobe. She sold some items. She donated others. It took months.

Finally most of it was gone. She settled on a gray V-neck tee and a pair of black jeans. She kept a scarf and long-sleeved shirt for when the temperature was cold, two athletic outfits for working out, and some dresses for formal occasions.

For a year, she wore the tee and the black jeans every day.

To her surprise, nobody noticed.

It reduced her decision-making and let her focus on what was important. And it saved a lot of time.

She was shocked to discover that she was not into fashion as much as she had thought.

Aftet the year was up, she bought flashy new wardrobe. After two weeks, she realized it was no longer for her.

Now she has a small wardrobe. In addition to what she had for the year, she added a couple of tops in a neutral palette that could all work together.

QUESTION: How can you simplify your own wardrobe?



Why I Wore The Same Outfit Every Day for a Year by Nadia Eghbal


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