Outline of the Book of Isaiah

Here are our bite-sized pieces of Book of Isaiah:





Isaiah 1:1. Isaiah introduces himself

Isaiah 1:2-10. God’s indictment against the nation

Isaiah 1:11-15. Stop your religious sacrifices

Isaiah 1:16-20. Four steps to change your life

Isaiah 1:21-23. The LORD’s lament over Jerusalem

Isaiah 1:24-31. The LORD declares the sentence

Isaiah 2:1-4. The evangelism of the entire world

Isaiah 2:5-11. Judah’s depraved condition

Isaiah 2:12-22. The day of reckoning

Isaiah 3:1-26. Judgment of Judah

Isaiah 4:1-6. The Branch in Jerusalem

Isaiah 5:1-30. Doomsday is on the way

Isaiah 6:1-4. Isaiah beholds the holiness of the LORD God

Isaiah 6:5-13. Isaiah is called to be a prophet to the nation




Isaiah 7:1-12. Isaiah commands King Ahaz to ask God for a sign

Isaiah 7:13-25. God will provide the sign of Immanuel

Isaiah 8:1-10. Isaiah had a wife and a son

Isaiah 8:11-22. Isaiah had a group of disciples

Isaiah 9:1-7. The future arrival of the Prince of Peace

Isaiah 9:8-21. The northern kingdom will fall

Isaiah 10:1-4. Your leaders create social injustice

Isaiah 10:5-26. Assyria will be the unwitting instrument of God

Isaiah 10:27-34. The invasion will be thwarted

Isaiah 11:1-16. The future Messiah

Isaiah 12:1-6. The remnant will give thanks




Isaiah 13:1-22. Isaiah foresees the destruction of Babylon

Isaiah 14:1-2. That wonderful day

Isaiah 14:3-11. A taunt-song against the king of Babylon

Isaiah 14:12-23. The fall of Sennacherib

Isaiah 14:24-30. Assyria will destroy Babylon

Isaiah 14:31-32. A message about Philistia

Isaiah 15:1-9. A heavy message about Moab

Isaiah 16:1-14. A heavy message about Moab, continued

Isaiah 17:1-14. A heavy message about Damascus

Isaiah 18:1-7. Good news for the people of Kush

Isaiah 19:1-15. Egypt will be punished

Isaiah 19:16-18. Egypt will be controlled by Israel

Isaiah 19:19-22. Egypt will know the LORD God

Isaiah 19:23-25. Peace on earth begins

Isaiah 20:1-6. Isaiah ministers in the nude for three years

Isaiah 21:1-2. A heavy message about the fall of Babylon

Isaiah 21:3-10. The message makes Isaiah ill

Isaiah 21:11-12. A heavy message about Edom

Isaiah 21:13-17. A heavy message about Arabia

Isaiah 22:1-14. A heavy message about Jerusalem

Isaiah 22:15-19. Shebna the politician is judged

Isaiah 22:20-25. Eliakim the palace administrator is applauded




Isaiah 24:1-23. The destruction of the world

Isaiah 25:1-12. The successful evangelism of the whole world

Isaiah 26:1-21. Redeemed people sing thanks

Isaiah 27:1. The destiny of Leviathan and the dragon

Isaiah 27:2-11. The vineyard of Israel is made fruitful

Isaiah 27:12-13. The LORD regathers Israel




Isaiah 28:1-6. Woe to the northern kingdom of Samaria

Isaiah 28:7-29. Woe to the southern kingdom of Judah

Isaiah 29:1-4. The Assyrian army will surround Jerusalem

Isaiah 29:5-8. Suddenly, God will rescue Jerusalem

Isaiah 29:9-24. Jerusalem will have a spiritual awakening

Isaiah 30:1-17. Egypt cannot defend them from Assyria

Isaiah 30:18-33. The LORD’s graciousness to his people

Isaiah 31:1-3. Egypt cannot protect them

Isaiah 31:4-9. The LORD will protect them

Isaiah 32:1-8. A day of justice and righteousness

Isaiah 32:9-20. But first there will be a time of great anxiety

Isaiah 33:1-16. Woe to the destroyers

Isaiah 33:17-24. The deliverance of the righteous




Isaiah 34:1-17. The LORD’S day of vengeance

Isaiah 35:1-2. The light and joy of the new life

Isaiah 35:3-4. Four outreach ministries

Isaiah 35:5-10. Benefits of reaching out to other people




Isaiah 36:1-22. Assyria invades Judah

Isaiah 37:1-7. The great faith of King Hezekiah

Isaiah 37:8-38. One angel decimates the mighty Assyrian army

Isaiah 38:1-3. Hezekiah becomes gravely ill

Isaiah 38:4-22. The LORD miraculously heals Hezekiah

Isaiah 39:1-8. Isaiah says Judah will be exiled to Babylon




Isaiah 40:1-11. Their time of trial is almost over

Isaiah 40:12-31. Fresh aspects of the majesty of God

Isaiah 41:1-7. The LORD challenges the nations

Isaiah 41:8-20. The LORD sovereignly protects Israel

Isaiah 41:21-29. The LORD knows the future

Isaiah 42:1-17. Servant Song #1

Isaiah 42:18-25. Israel’s current condition

Isaiah 43:1-7. Israel should not fear

Isaiah 43:8-12. Israel will be God’s witnesses to the world

Isaiah 43:13-28. God will bring them back from Babylon in a second Exodus

Isaiah 44:1-5. Israel should not be afraid

Isaiah 44:6-20. The LORD is sovereign

Isaiah 44:21-23. The LORD’s people are marked by joy

Isaiah 44:24-28. Cyrus will liberate them

Isaiah 45:1-8. Cyrus will liberate them, continued

Isaiah 45:9-13. The LORD is sovereign over creation

Isaiah 45:14-19. Gentiles will come to faith in the LORD God

Isaiah 45:20-25. The LORD evangelizes the Gentiles

Isaiah 46:1-13. The gods of Babylon

Isaiah 47:1-15. Isaiah predicts the fall of the Babylonian Empire

Isaiah 48:1-11. Remember the prophecies about their captivity in Babylon

Isaiah 48:12-19. Remember God’s sovereignty

Isaiah 48:20-22. Flee Babylon




Isaiah 49:1-7. The LORD’s Servant will will evangelize the Gentiles

Isaiah 49:8-26. The LORD’s Servant will restore Israel

Isaiah 50:1-3. The LORD sends Zion away

Isaiah 50:4-6. The life of the Suffering Servant

Isaiah 50:7-9. The great resolve of the Suffering Servant

Isaiah 50:10-11. The followers of the Suffering Servant are to trust the LORD

Isaiah 51:1-3. Isaiah speaks to Pentecostals and Seekers

Isaiah 51:4-8. Isaiah speaks to the world

Isaiah 51:9-11. The faithful remnant prays for deliverance from Babylon

Isaiah 51:12-23. The LORD promises deliverance from Babylon

Isaiah 52:1-12. The LORD will free Jerusalem

Isaiah 52:13-15. The Servant of the LORD will be exalted and glorified

Isaiah 53:1-12. The Servant of the LORD

Isaiah 54:1-17. Great salvation will come to Israel

Isaiah 55:1-13. Help people come to the water

Isaiah 56:1-8. A massive global  evangelization

Isaiah 56:9-12. Religious leaders are corrupt

Isaiah 57:1-13. Israel fell into moral depravity

Isaiah 57:14-21. The LORD God offers forgiveness




Isaiah 58:1-5. False worship is doing religious deeds

Isaiah 58:6-14. True worship is how we treat other people

Isaiah 59:1-15a. Sin has separated Israel from the LORD God

Isaiah 59:15b-21. Only the LORD God can save Israel

Isaiah 60:1-3. The LORD’s glory will shine on Israel

Isaiah 60:4-9. The wealth of the nations will come to Israel

Isaiah 60:10-14. Israel will be first among the nations

Isaiah 60:15-22. Israel will be righteous

Isaiah 61:1-3. The outreach ministries of the future Messiah

Isaiah 61:4-11. Israel will be rebuilt and restored to glory

Isaiah 62:1-3. The LORD God delights in Jerusalem

Isaiah 62:4-5. The LORD God will marry Jerusalem

Isaiah 62:6-12. The LORD God will restore Jerusalem

Isaiah 63:1-6. The return of the LORD God in splendor and glory

Isaiah 63:7-19. The remnant prays for release from Babylon

Isaiah 64:1-7. The remnant asks the LORD God to work on their behalf

Isaiah 64:8-12. The remnant professes their trust in the LORD God

Isaiah 65:1-7. Divine judgment against Israel was necessary

Isaiah 65:8-12. A faithful remnant will be preserved

Isaiah 65:13-16. Holy living will be blessed

Isaiah 65:17-25. Heaven and earth will be made new

Isaiah 66:1-2. The LORD esteems humble people who love the Bible

Isaiah 66:3-6. The LORD judges the obligation-mindset

Isaiah 66:7-21. The LORD restores Jerusalem

Isaiah 66:22-24. The new heavens and the new earth


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