Outline of the Book of Sirach

Here are our bite-sized pieces of Book of Sirach:






Sirach 1-10. In praise of wisdom

Sirach 1:11-30. The fear of the Lord is wisdom




Sirach 2:1-18. Be a disciple of the Lord

Sirach 3:1-16. Relationships within a nominally functional family

Sirach 3:17-29. We are to walk humbly with the Lord

Sirach 3:30-31. We are to give money to poor people

Sirach 4:1-10. We are to give money to poor people, continued

Sirach 4:11-19. Wisdom rewards people who learn from her

Sirach 4:20-31. Strive for the truth

Sirach 5:1-11. Moral failings of rich people

Sirach 5:12-15. Proper use of speech

Sirach 6:1-5. The proper use of speech, continued

Sirach 6:6-17. Building a close spiritual friendship

Sirach 6:18-37. Invest our whole lifetime in seeking wisdom

Sirach 7:1-17. Wisdom for living in our local society

Sirach 7:18-36. Wisdom for our personal relationships

Sirach 8:1-19. Be circumspect with other people

Sirach 9:1-9. Wisdom in relationships with women

Sirach 9:10-16. Wisdom in relationships with friends

Sirach 9:17- 18. Wisdom in relationships with rulers

Sirach 10:1-5. Wisdom in relationships with rulers, continued

Sirach 10:6-18. Pride is hateful to the Lord

Sirach 10:19-31. True glory is to fear the Lord

Sirach 11:1-6. True glory is to fear the Lord, continued

Sirach 11:7-28. Walk the “middle road” path of moderation

Sirach 11:29-34. Carefully select your friends

Sirach 12:1-18. An outdated vision of charitable deeds

Sirach 13:1-2. Don’t associate with a proud person

Sirach 13:3-8. Don’t associate with a rich person

Sirach 13:9-14. Don’t associate with an influential person

Sirach 13:15-26. Associate with your peers

Sirach 14:1-2. The joy of a clear conscience

Sirach 14:3-19. Using our worldly wealth wisely

Sirach 14:20-27. Seeking wisdom is a lifelong quest

Sirach 15:1-10. Seeking wisdom is a lifelong quest, continued

Sirach 15:11-20. We humans have free will

Sirach 16:1-21. The influence of sinners

Sirach 16:22-30. The created realm reveals God’s wisdom

Sirach 17:1-32. Human nature reveals God’s wisdom

Sirach 18:1-14. God’s mercy surpasses human understanding

Sirach 18:15-29. Wisdom for specific situations

Sirach 18:30-33. Don’t pursue pleasure

Sirach 19:1-4. Don’t pursue pleasure, continued

Sirach 19:5-19. Wise use of speech

Sirach 19:20-30. How to recognize true wisdom

Sirach 20:1-32. Comparing foolish behavior with wise behavior

Sirach 21:1-10. The consequences of sin

Sirach 21:11-28. Differences between foolish behavior and wise behavior

Sirach 22:1-18. Fools are lazy

Sirach 22:19-26. Preserve your friendships

Sirach 22:27. Control your own tongue, Part 1

Sirach 23:1-6. Prevent me from falling

Sirach 23:7-15. Control your own tongue, Part 2

Sirach 23:16-28. Sins of the flesh have deadly effects

Sirach 24:1-16. The origin and history of Wisdom

Sirach 24:17-34. The effect of Wisdom upon those who drink of her

Sirach 25:1-11. The author’s perspective on different people

Sirach 25:12-26. The author’s unbiblical rant against women

Sirach 26:1-18. An idealized woman according to the author

Sirach 26:19-29. The danger of merchants

Sirach 27:1-30. Do not betray your friend

Sirach 28:1-11. Do not fight with other people

Sirach 28:12-26. Be very careful about what you say

Sirach 29:1-20. Be wise in the use of your worldly wealth

Sirach 29:21-28. The rewards of frugality

Sirach 30:1-13. Be wise about how you train your children

Sirach 30:14-25. The benefits of robust health

Sirach 31:1-11. Old Testament attitudes toward monetary wealth

Sirach 31:12-31. Behavior at formal events

Sirach 32:1-13. Behavior at formal events, continued

Sirach 32:14-24. Become a disciple of the LORD God

Sirach 33:1-17. Become a disciple of the LORD God, continued

Sirach 33:18-24. Do not become anyone’s slave

Sirach 33:25-31. How to manage your own slaves

Sirach 34:1-10. Discern your spiritual experiences

Sirach 34:11-17. The great benefits of exploring the faith

Sirach 34:18-26. True worship of the Most High

Sirach 35:1-3. True worship of the Most High, continued

Sirach 35:4-12. Give generously

Sirach 35:13-20. The triumph of mercy and humility

Sirach 36:1-17. Praying for God’s kingdom to be expanded to the Gentiles

Sirach 36:18-20. Discerning the spirits

Sirach 36:21-26. The treasure of a godly spouse

Sirach 37:1-15. Wisdom for selecting your confidants and counselors

Sirach 37:16-31. Train your ways of thinking

Sirach 38:1-23. Wisdom for seeking bodily healing

Sirach 38:24-34. The scribe and the skilled craftsman

Sirach 39:1-11. Being a spiritual seeker will transform your life

Sirach 39:12-35. Praising the Most High God

Sirach 40:1-30. Observations from daily living

Sirach 41:1-13. Observations from daily living, continued

Sirach 41:14-24. What to be ashamed of

Sirach 42:1-8. What to NOT be ashamed of

Sirach 42:9-14. A father’s worries about his daughter

Sirach 42:15-25. The created realm reflects the glory of God

Sirach 43:1. The Sky

Sirach 43:2-5. The Sun

Sirach 43:6-8. The Moon

Sirach 43:9-10a. The Stars

Sirach 43:10b-12. The Rainbow

Sirach 43:13-33. Lightning




Sirach 44:1-15. Remembering the heroes of the faith

Sirach 44:16-23. The early heroes of the faith

Sirach 45:1-5. Moses is a hero of the faith

Sirach 45:6-22. Aaron is a hero of the faith

Sirach 45:23-26. Phinehas is a hero of the faith

Sirach 46:1-6. Joshua is a hero of the faith

Sirach 46:7-10. Caleb is a hero of the faith

Sirach 46:11-20. The Judges are heroes of the faith

Sirach 47:1. Nathan is a hero of the faith

Sirach 47:2-11. David is a hero of the faith

Sirach 47:12-22. Solomon is a hero of the faith

Sirach 47:23-25. Then darkness took over the land

Sirach 48:1-11. Elijah is a hero of the faith

Sirach 48:12-16. Elisha is a hero of the faith

Sirach 48:17-22. Hezekiah is a hero of the faith

Sirach 48:23-25. Isaiah is a hero of the faith

Sirach 49:1-7. Josiah is a hero of the faith

Sirach 49:8-10. The prophets are heroes of the faith

Sirach 49:11-16. Post-Exile heroes of the faith

Sirach 50:1-24. Simon II the high priest is a hero of the faith




Sirach 50:25-29. Conclusion, part 1

Sirach 51:1-30. A prayer of Jesus the son of Sirach



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