Outline of the Book of Wisdom

Here are our bite-sized pieces of Book of Wisdom:





Wisdom 1:1-15. Be single-hearted in seeking the Lord

Wisdom 1:16. Wicked people are bent on destruction

Wisdom 2:1-24. Wicked people are bent on destruction, continued

Wisdom 3:1-12. The destiny of the righteous

Wisdom 3:13-19. On being without children

Wisdom 4:1-6. On being without children, continued

Wisdom 4:7-19. For righteous people, to die is to be at peace

Wisdom 4:20. The final judgment of the wicked

Wisdom 5:1-23. The final judgment of the wicked, continued

Wisdom 6:1-25. Leaders need to seek the LORD




Wisdom 7:1-6. Solomon is mortal like everyone else

Wisdom 7:7-30. Solomon asked, and God gave him the spirit of wisdom

Wisdom 8:1-21. Solomon asked, and God gave him the spirit of wisdom

Wisdom 9:1-18. Solomon asks God for wisdom

Wisdom 10:1-11. Heroes of wisdom in the Old Testament

Wisdom 10:12-21. Devotion to God is mightier than all else




Wisdom 11:1-16. The exodus from Egypt

Wisdom 11:17-26. The limitless mercy of God

Wisdom 12:1-27. The Lord is lenient toward all people

Wisdom 13:1-9. Argument from Design

Wisdom 13:10-19. Ironies in worshipping idols

Wisdom 14:1-11. Ironies in worshipping idols, continued

Wisdom 14:12-31. The origin of idolatry

Wisdom 15:1-6. God is gracious in dealing with us

Wisdom 15:7-19. Some people sell idols to get rich

Wisdom 16:1-29. God liberated his people from slavery to the Egyptians

Wisdom 17:1-21. The plague of darkness

Wisdom 18:1-4. The plague of darkness, continued

Wisdom 18:5-13. The plague of firstborn sons

Wisdom 18:14-16. Allusions to Jesus Christ

Wisdom 18:17-25. The ministry of Aaron

Wisdom 19:1-5. The Egyptians hated foreigners

Wisdom 19:6-12. The whole creation serves the Lord

Wisdom 19:13-17. Egypt was punished

Wisdom 19:18-22. God dwells with his people



Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotations on this page are from the World English Bible and the World Messianic Edition. These translations have no copyright restrictions. They are in the Public Domain.


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