Outline of the Book of Hosea

Here are our bite-sized pieces of the Book of Hosea:





Hosea 1:1-2. Hosea marries a prostitute named Gomer




Hosea 1:3-5. A son named Jezreel

Hosea 1:6-7. A daughter named Lo-Ruhamah

Hosea 1:8-11. A son named Lo-Ammi

Hosea 2:1-4. The LORD will punish Israel

Hosea 2:5-7. Israel will be deprived of its idols

Hosea 2:8-13. Israel will be deprived of the LORD’s blessings

Hosea 2:14-23. The LORD will restore Israel

Hosea 3:1-5. Hosea takes Gomer back




Hosea 4:1-3. Israel had violated the Covenant

Hosea 4:4-11. The priests were the worst of all people

Hosea 4:12-19. The people were guilty too

Hosea 5:1-7. The priests had corrupted Israel

Hosea 5:8-15. Israel must be judged

Hosea 5:15. Israel will acknowledge their offense

Hosea 6:1-3. A future generation will return to the LORD God




Hosea 6:4-11. Ephraim and Judah had rejected God’s workings in their lives

Hosea 7:1-16. The princes of Israel were utterly corrupt

Hosea 8:1-14. They constantly violated the covenant

Hosea 9:1-6. They will reap what they had sown

Hosea 9:7-9. They consider the prophet a fool

Hosea 9:10-17. Their idolatry will be terminated

Hosea 10:1-15. Israel committed two sins

Hosea 11:1-12. Israel rejected the LORD God and turned to idols

Hosea 12:1-2. The nation’s unfaithfulness

Hosea 12:3-6. A lesson from history

Hosea 12:7-14. The nation’s pride

Hosea 13:1-16. Ephraim doomed itself

Hosea 14:1-3. Hosea calls them to repent

Hosea 14:4-8. If they repent, the LORD God will restore them

Hosea 14:9. Hosea summarizes his entire message


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