Simplifying your wardrobe

People find that by simplifying their lives, they feel joy and freedom. A great place to start is our wardrobe. Most of us have way too many items.



In recent years, there has been a movement toward greater simplicity. People find that by simplifying their lives, they feel much more free.

One such movement is centered on our wardrobe. Lost of people have tons of clothes. Their closets are stuffed full of clothing, and they shop for more and more.

What if we tried to whittle our wardrobe down to less and less?

One such movement is called Project 333. The goal s to whittle our clothing down to 33 items. Or less. What’s left over is boxed up or given away.

They recommend only clothing that fits and is in good repair. Their project is not about low-quality. Rather, they say, one well-made version of something is much better than ten cheap knock-offs.

Project 333 is not about excessive frugality, deprivation and monotony. It’s about being intentional about how we shop and dress.

They suggest trying it for three months.

How about you? Are you interested in greater simplicity?


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