The Book of Judith

The Assyrian army laid siege to the city of Bethulia. A godly widow named Judith assassinates Holofernes their leader. She is a great hero of the faith.



The Book of Judith is in Orthodox and Catholic Bibles.

CHAPTER 1. King Nebuchadnezzar wages war against a local king. Then he threatens the whole region. When they ignore him, he rages out and conquers them all. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 2. King Nebuchadnezzar is enraged at the nations which had disobeyed his command. He will destroy them. He assigns General Holofernes to head a vast army of 132,000 soldiers. Everyone is to be slain and plundered. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 3. The nations are terrified of the vast army of Nebuchadnezzar. They send ambassadors who surrender unconditionally. Nonetheless, General Holofernes devastates them. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 4. The children of Israel are extremely afraid of General Holofernes. Confusingly, the Jewish high priest starts issuing military commands. Meanwhile, everybody fasts and prays. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 5. General Holofernes learns that tiny Israel has already showed up for battle with him. A man named Achior cautions Holofernes that tiny Israel could annihilate his mighty army. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 6. After hearing Achior speak of Israel’s history, General Holofernes bellows his contempt. Nebuchadnezzar is the only God, and Israel will be annihilated. Holofernes hands over Achior to Israel. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 7. General Holofernes reconnoiters the city of Bethulia. His commanders suggest avoiding direct battle. Instead, they should stop the water supply so Bethulia dies of thirst. Meanwhile, Israel prays. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 8. A widow named Judith hears that the elders will surrender the nation. She tells them they are wrong. She will act based on faith. The elders accept her proposal. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 9. Judith prepares for her mission to save her nation. She prostrates herself and prays. She is on fire for the LORD and is a real prayer warrior. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 10. Judith springs into action. She and her servant depart their city for the enemy stronghold. She allows herself to be captured and brought to General Holofernes. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 11. Judith explains to General Holofernes that her own people had sinned and lost the favor of God. But she still serves the God of heaven day and night. Holofernes admires her beauty and wisdom. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 12. While waiting for the right moment, Judith fasts and prays and keeps kosher. Finally, General Holofernes invites her to a private banquet. He gets extremely drunk. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 13. The private banquet ends. Judith is alone with Holofernes. She grabs his sword and assassinates him with it. Then she returns to her city of Bethulia. Everyone is amazed. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 14. Judith counsels the elders to win against Assyria. On hearing what Judith has done, Achior becomes a Jew. The Assyrians discover Holofernes headless on the ground. They panic. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 15. The Assyrian soldiers are overcome with dread and flee for their lives. Tiny Israel chases them down and annihilates them. Back in Bethulia, Judith receives full credit for the entire victory. Continue reading →

CHAPTER 16. Judith leads the nation in a song of praise. In Jerusalem, they celebrate for three months. Judith is esteemed as a hero of the faith, and Israel remains safe for a long time. Continue reading →


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