Timeframe of the prophet Isaiah

Where was Isaiah situated in the history of the Hebrew people? Who were his fellow prophets? What kings were reigning? Here is our timeline of Isaiah.

Making a timeframe for Isaiah turned into quite a project. For one thing, there are three nations to track:

  • There is the the northern kingdom, usually referred to as Israel.
  • There is the southern kingdom, usually referred to as Judah.
  • And then there’s that pesky nation of Assyria.

Each of those nations has its own line of kings. And prophets.

Sometimes the kings overlap. Any one kingdom might have more than one king at once.

The biblical narratives do not give an exhaustive portrayal of the information we needed. We needed to go to other sources.

Those other sources disagree on many factors, requiring us to “vet” the information sources.

And sometimes we needed to make an educated guess, which might turn out to be wrong.


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