What do you think of God the Father?

Some people say God the Father is ambivalent. Other people say he’s angry. Still other people believe God the Father is lovingly involved in their life.



Let’s explore those three views:




Some people believe God the Father is ambivalent toward them. They say he’s far away, up there in heaven. He created this universe and then sat back to watch. He can’t be bothered with our petty little lives. There are more important things in the universe for God to be concerned with.

That’s not a biblical viewpoint, actually. Where did it come from? Perhaps these people went through some great difficulty, and God didn’t intervene. Maybe it was the loss of a job or a key relationship. Maybe it was their health. Perhaps people turned against them. Maybe weren’t properly cared for. Their experience suggests to them that God was ambivalent toward them.




Other people say God the Father is angry with them. He’s watching for them to make the slightest little mistake, so he can pounce and his wrath can explode. They live in fear of making some trivial mistake, and thereby becoming the target of divine wrath.

That’s not a biblical viewpoint, either. Where did it come from? Perhaps people think this way due to their own experiences with angry people. There is no shortage of angry people. In almost every family and school and workplace, there’s somebody with an explosive temper. Everybody knows that upon their slightest little slip-up, the angry person will rage out. Even in full-time Christian ministry, perhaps especially in full-time Christian there are a lot of very angry people.

Then add to that the fact that we believers read about God’s wrath and anger in the pages of the Old Testament. Unwittingly, some of us come to believe that God is angry with us.




But still other people believe that God is loving and involved. He’s living and active, caring like an awesome spouse. He just can’t wait to do more and more good things in your life.

There are many, many Bible verses that address these issues. Here is our favorite:

Isaiah 56:1. I am coming soon to rescue you
 and to display my righteousness among you. (NLT translation)




How about you? How do you see it? Is God the Father ambivalent toward you, not really caring? Is he angry toward you, his wrath just waiting to explode upon the slightest slip-up? Or is he lovingly involved in your life?

So much depends on your own perspective. If you doubt that God the Father is lovingly involved in your life, your doubt forms an obstacle that prevents some of his blessings from making it to you.

God the Father rarely forces his blessings upon us against our will. He usually operates according to our faith. Jesus often said something like this: according to your faith will it be done to you.

So instead of believing God the Father to be ambivalent or angry, why not believe that his is loving toward you and active in your life, desiring to bless you? Why not believe that he can do real miracles and change your life for the better?

If you can have faith that this is the case, there’s no telling what great things he will have in store for you.


Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotations on this page are from the World English Bible and the World Messianic Edition. These translations have no copyright restrictions. They are in the Public Domain.


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