Matt Souveny’s 10-Item Wardrobe Challenge

Canadian Air Force pilot Matt Souveny got into an interesting discussion about what to wear if you could only choose one outfit for the rest of your life.



At first, it was simply a fun hypothetical discussion. But he soon found himself wanting to turn it into a real-life experiment.

He pared his wardrobe down to 10 items (not including socks, underwear or outerwear).

The 10 items included these:

  • one pair of pants
  • one pair of shorts
  • two T-shirts
  • one button-down shirt
  • one sweatshirt
  • one pair of sneakers
  • one pair of boots
  • a blazer
  • a belt

And that’s it.

Souveny is not against owning things. He simply finds that life is richer when his possessions are fewer. Less stuff can allow more freedom.

Each piece of clothing was selected for its versatility and durability in different weather conditions and social environments.

Such a limited wardrobe does not have to be an exercise in drabness. In fact, since there are so few items, one can purchase higher quality.

In Souveny’s case, he selected the highest quality and best materials available.

Souveny wrote about his journey at his website. And lots of other people took notice, including Graham Hill at Life Edited, and Emanuella Grinberg at CNN.

Would you be willing to simplify your life in order to enrich it?


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