N. T. Wright

N. T. Wright is one of the leading Bible scholars of our day. He is a professor and Anglican bishop. Here are four key lectures:


How God Became King: Why We’ve All Misunderstood the Gospels

Most of Christendom is split between a faith based on the cross and a faith based on the social gospel. But both of those filter out the
central theme of the four Gospels: How God Became King.

In a lecture at Calvin College, Wright explains how we can put back together what the Gospels were trying to tell us all along.


Simply Jesus

How do Christians communicate Jesus to a world that doesn’t know Him?

In a lecture at Willow Creek Church, Wright explains how a basic understanding of who Jesus Christ is can make Him more relevant to every aspect of our lives.

Professor Wright also wrote a book called Simply Jesus. It is very similar to the lecture above. Here is a brief interview where he sums it up:


Sacraments and New Creation

Without our realizing it, our understanding of baptism and the Lord’s Supper are heavily impacted by our worldview.

N.T. Wright, one of the leading Bible scholars of our day, explains their sacramental theology.

To listen to the seminar at Calvin College, go to this page.


Putting The Gospels Back Together

We Christians often misread the central message of Jesus Christ.

Wright, one of the leading Bible scholars of our day, explains how we can put the gospels back together.

His lecture was at the Bristol School of Christian Studies in the U.K. in January of 2011.

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