Preparing for battle by fasting and praying

King Antiochus Eupator sent a mighty army to destroy Judea. Judas Maccabees prepares by fasting and praying for three days. The whole nation joins him.



Here is the key Bible verse:

2 Maccabees 13:12. So when they had all done the same thing together, beseeching the merciful Lord with weeping and fastings and prostration for three days without ceasing, Judas exhorted them and commanded they should join him for service.

with weeping and fastings and prostration. The nation is about to be annihilated by the enemy. And the enemy has overwhelming military superiority over them. The first impulse of Judas Maccabees is to call everybody to fast and pray.

for three days without ceasing. They fast and pray for three full days.

After three days, they are filled with courage. They run into the enemy camp, shouting “Victory is God’s!” And they achieve a tactical victory.



Fasting is only for those who are medically capable. Check with your health care provider. Experts say you need to be under the supervision of a doctor during the time of a fast.


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