Strecno Castle in Slovakia

Zsófia Bosnyák lived in Strecno Castle. She took care of the poor, founded a hospital, and spent her nights in prayer. We would like to visit her castle!



At age 21, she married Ferenc Wesselényi. They lived in Strecno Castle, which was in Teplicka nad Váhom in Slovakia.

Zsófia took care of the poor. With her husband, she founded an almshouse in the village which also served as a hospital. She spent her nights in prayer. People of the neighborhood thought of her as a living saint.

Zsófia died in 1644, at the age of 35.

In 1589, the castle changed hands, and her remains were transferred elsewhere. It was discovered that her body had not decayed. It was placed placed in a glass coffin in the church of Teplicka nad Váhom.

For centuries, many people came to visit her coffin. Then in 2009, a man man set it on fire. He is thought to have been suffering from schizophrenia.

We would like to visit Strecno Castle in Slovakia, the home of Zsófia Bosnyák, a real hero of the faith.


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