Are you gifted for Healing?

Has the Holy Spirit given you the ministry gift of Healing? It is minister to others by actual miraculous healing.




1 Corinthians 12:9. to another faith, by the same Spirit; and to another gifts of healings, by the same Spirit;

healings. The Greek word is ἰαμάτων (“iamatōn”). It means healing, curing, remedy.




The biblical testimony is clear that at least some people will have this gift.

Do not make the mistake of dismissing this as mere folklore or exaggeration.

Throughout the centuries of the Christian faith, there have always been at least a few individuals who could bring about miraculous healing. Some healed themselves, like Teresa of Avila. Some healed other people, like Vincent Ferrer.

In our day, the gift of healing often seems to be concentrated into the Charismatic and Pentecostal arenas. But it’s likely that there are at least some healers in just about any sector of the Christian faith.



Do you pray for healing? Have you seen any results?

If so, you may well have this gift!

Now it is time to try it out »



Is the Holy Spirit in your life?


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