Our Gospel Bytes schedule

Nibbling from the gospels each day. Join us in this life-changing adventure!



July 8. John 18:25-27. Peter denies Jesus two more times

July 9. John 18:28-32. Jesus is questioned by Pilate

July 10. John 18:33-40. Christ’s kingdom is not of this world

July 11. John 19:1-4. Jesus is flogged and mocked

July 12. John 19:5-15. Pilate sentences Jesus to death

July 13. John 19:16-17. Jesus carries his cross

July 14. REST (Sunday)


July 15. John 19:18-27. They crucify Jesus

July 16. John 19:28-29. I thirst

July 17. John 19:30-37. Jesus dies

July 18. John 19:38-42. Joseph of Arimathaea buries the body

July 19. John 20:1-10. The resurrection

July 20. John 20:11-18. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene

July 21. REST (Sunday)


July 22. John 20:19-20. Jesus appears to his disciples

July 23. John 20:21. Jesus commissions us to minister to others

July 24. John 20:22-23. Jesus gives them the Holy Spirit

July 25. John 20:24-29. Jesus appears to doubting Thomas

July 26. John 20:30-31. The purpose of this book

July 27. John 21:1-14. Jesus appears to seven disciples

July 28. REST (Sunday)


July 29. John 21:15-19. Do you love me?

July 30. John 21:20-23. Jesus and the beloved disciple

July 31. John 21:24-25. Conclusion of the Gospel According to John

August 1. Matthew 1:1-17. The ancestors of Jesus Christ

August 2. Matthew 1:18-25. Mary becomes pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit

August 3. Matthew 2:1-12. Wise men from the East visit the newborn Messiah

August 4. REST (Sunday)


August 5. Matthew 2:13-15. The family flees to Egypt

August 6. Matthew 2:16-18. King Herod massacres infants

August 7. Matthew 2:19-23.The family settles in Nazareth

August 8. Matthew 3:1-10. John the Baptist prepares the way

August 9. Matthew 3:11-12. Jesus Christ will baptize us with fire

August 10. Matthew 3:13-17.John baptizes Jesus Christ

August 11. REST (Sunday)


August 12. Matthew 4:1-3. Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness

August 13. Matthew 4:4-11. Jesus lives on the Word of God

August 14. Matthew 4:12-17. Jesus begins his public ministry

August 15. Matthew 4:18-25. Jesus calls his first disciples

August 16. Matthew 5:1-2. The Sermon on the Mount

August 17. Matthew 5:3-12. The Beatitudes

August 18. REST (Sunday)


August 19. Matthew 5:13-16. Be Salt and Light

August 20. Matthew 5:17-20. Obey and teach the Law

August 21. Matthew 5:21-26. Anger equals murder

August 22. Matthew 5:27-30. Lust equals adultery

August 23. Matthew 5:31-32. Grounds for divorce

August 24. Matthew 5:33-37. Do not take an oath

August 25. REST (Sunday)


Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotations on this page are from the World English Bible and the World Messianic Edition. These translations have no copyright restrictions. They are in the Public Domain.