Our Gospel Bytes schedule

Nibbling from the gospels each day. Join us in this life-changing adventure!



November 18. Matthew 16:13-20. Who do you say Jesus Christ is?

November 19. Matthew 16:21-23. Jesus predicts his own death and resurrection

November 20. Matthew 16:24-28. The cost of discipleship

November 21. Matthew 17:1-13. Jesus is transfigured

November 22. Matthew 17:14-21. Jesus heals a demon-possessed lad

November 23. Matthew 17:22-23. Jesus predicts his own execution

November 24. REST (Sunday)


November 25. Matthew 17:24-27. Jesus pays the temple tax

November 26. Matthew 18:1-6. Who is the greatest?

November 27. Matthew 18:7-11. Get rid of temptations to sin

November 28. REST (Thanksgiving USA)

November 29. Matthew 18:12-14. The parable of the lost sheep

November 30. Matthew 18:15-20. Correcting someone who sins

December 1. REST (Sunday)


December 2. Matthew 18:21-22. Forgiving one another

December 2. Matthew 18:23-35. The parable of the unforgiving servant

December 3. Matthew 19:1-9. Jesus answers a question about divorce

December 4. Matthew 19:10-12. Jesus strongly recommends singleness

December 5. Matthew 19:13-15. Jesus blesses little children

December 6. Matthew 19:16-30. A rich young man asks how to get eternal life

December 7. Matthew 20:1-16. A parable of laborers in a vineyard

December 8. Review Matthew 16:13 to Matthew 20:16



December 9. Matthew 20:17-19. Jesus again predicts his own death and resurrection

December 10. Matthew 20:20-24. The mother of James and John

December 11. Matthew 20:25-28. Not to be served, but to serve others

December 12. Matthew 20:29-34. Jesus heals two blind men

December 13. Matthew 21:1-11. Jesus triumphantly arrives in Jerusalem

December 14. Matthew 21:12-16. Jesus clears the temple

December 15. REST (Sunday)


December 16. Matthew 21:17-22. Jesus curses a fig tree

December 17. Matthew 21:23-27. The authority of Jesus is challenged

December 18. Matthew 21:28-32. The parable of the two sons

December 19. Matthew 21:33-46. The parable of the wicked tenants

December 20. Matthew 22:1-14. The parable of the wedding feast

December 21. Matthew 22:15-22. Should we pay taxes?

December 22. REST (Sunday)


December 23. Matthew 22:23-33. A question about the resurrection

December 24. Matthew 22:34-40. Which is the greatest commandment?

December 25. REST (Christmas)

December 26. Matthew 22:41-46. Whose son is the Messiah?

December 27. Matthew 23:1-8. Reject ALL religious titles

December 28. Matthew 23:9-12. Call no one “Father”

December 29. REST (Sunday)


December 30. Matthew 23:13-36. Jesus denounces the religious leaders

December 31. Matthew 23:37-39. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem

January 1, 2020. REST (New Year’s Day)



Unless otherwise noted, all Bible quotations on this page are from the World English Bible and the World Messianic Edition. These translations have no copyright restrictions. They are in the Public Domain.