Judith fasts continually

Judith was a righteous Jewish woman and a widow. She fasts continually. She singlehandedly routes the entire army of evil Nebuchadnezzar and saves her city.



Here is the key Bible verse:

Judith 8:6. And she fasted all the days of her widowhood, save the eves of the Sabbaths, and the Sabbaths, and the eves of the new moons, and the new moons, and the feasts and joyful days of the house of Israel.

she fasted all the days of her widowhood. Judith is a mighty hero of the faith. She had fasted almost all the days since her husband had passed away. At this point in the narrative, it had been about three years.

In our day, many people see a fast of a few days as a challenge. And indeed it is. However, Judith had maintained a nearly constant fast for three continuous years. Judith is a superstar of godly fasting.



Fasting is only for those who are medically capable. Check with your health care provider. Experts say you need to be under the supervision of a doctor during the time of a fast.


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