The Doctors of the Church

“Doctor of the Church” is an honorary title given to people who made the most significant contributions to Catholic theology or doctrine:



33 to 590 AD

Hilary of Poitiers. Died 367 AD.

Athanasius of Alexandria. Died 373 AD.

Ephrem. Died 373 AD.

Basil the Great. Died 379 AD.

Cyril of Jerusalem. Died 386 AD.

Gregory Nazianzus. Died 389 AD.

Ambrose of Milan. Died 397 AD.

John Chrysostom. Died 407 AD.

Jerome. Died 420 AD.

Augustine of Hippo. The Doctor of Grace. Died 430 AD.

Cyril of Alexandria. The Doctor of the Incarnation. Died 444 AD.

Peter Chrysologus. Died 450 AD.

Leo the Great. Died 461AD.


590 to 1417 AD

Gregory the Great. Died 604 AD.

Isadore of Seville. Died 636 AD.

Bede the Venerable. Died 735 AD.

John Damascene. Died 749 AD.

Peter Damian. Died 1072 AD.

Anselm. The Magnificent Doctor. Died 1109 AD.

Bernard of Clairvaux. The Mellifluous Doctor. Died 1153 AD.

Hildegard of Bingen. Died 1179 AD.

Anthony of Padua. The Evangelical Doctor. Died 1231 AD.

Thomas Aquinas. The Angelic Doctor. The Common Doctor. Died 1274 AD.

Bonaventure. The Seraphic Doctor. Died 1274 AD.

Albert the Great. The Universal Doctor. Died 1280 AD.

Catherine of Siena. Died 1380 AD.


1417 to 1648 AD

John of Ávila. Died 1569 AD.

Teresa of Ávila. Died 1582 AD. Wrote The Interior Castle.

John of the Cross. The Mystical Doctor. Died 1591 AD. Wrote The Dark Night and The Living Flame of Love.

Peter Canisius. Died 1597 AD.

Lawrence of Brindisi. Died 1619 AD.

Robert Bellarmine. Died 1621 AD.

Francis de Sales. The Doctor of Charity. Died 1622 AD.


1648 to 1962 AD

Alphonsus Liguori. The Doctor Most Zealous. Died 1787 AD.

Thérèse of Lisieux. The Doctor of Love. Died 1897 AD. Wrote The Story of a Soul.


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