The Philippians financially support Paul

Even in the midst of their own financial hardships, the believers in Philippi supported Paul financially.



On his second missionary journey, Paul the Apostle and his helpers Silas and Timothy visited the ancient city of Philippi.

During their brief visit, Paul led several people to faith in Jesus Christ, including a prominent business woman named Lydia and as well as a jailer and his whole household. Paul also exorcized a demon from a slave girl.

Paul built them up in the faith.

Paul and company soon left, but a church was established.

Over the years, that church helped Paul many times, sending him money to help fund his outreach.

Despite their poverty, they gave sacrificially and generously.



In our day, people who teach us in the faith often need resources to help them accomplish their mission.

If they ask you to financially support them, will you do so?



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