Tobit chapter 5

Tobias needs a guide for his journey. He meets Raphael, an angel pretending to be a man. Soon Tobias and his dog and Raphael begin their heroic journey.





1. Then Tobias answered and said to him, “Father, I will do all things, whatever you have commanded me.



2. But how could I receive the money, since I don’t know him?”



3. He gave him the handwriting, and said to him, “Seek a man who will go with you, and I will give him wages, whiles I yet live; and go and receive the money.”



4. He went to seek a man, and found Raphael who was an angel;

He went to seek a man, and found Raphael. As soon as Tobias went out, he met Raphael. As soon as we’re ready to take that step of faith, God puts the right people in our path.



5. and he didn’t know it. He said to him, “Can I go with you to Rages of Media? Do you know those places well?”

he didn’t know it. This reminds us of a teaching in the Letter to the Hebrews:

Hebrews 13:2. Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it.



6. The angel said to him, “I will go with you. I know the way well. I have lodged with our brother Gabael.”



7 Tobias said to him, “Wait for me, and I will tell my father.”



8. He said to him, “Go, and don’t wait. And he went in and said to his father, “Behold, I have found someone who will go with me.” But he said, “Call him to me, that I may know of what tribe he is, and whether he be a trustworthy man to go with you.”

Go, and don’t wait. That is, “do not be long” (NAB translation). Sometimes, the Holy Spirit wants a quick decision from us. We must act NOW.

Here are a few examples where somebody had to make a quick decision:

  • Elijah puts his mantle on Elisha; Elisha has to decide right then what to do.
  • Abram and the Three Men arrive at Lot’s house; Lot has to decide right then what to do.
  • The Lord Jesus and his apostles arrive in a town and preach; the citizens have to decide right then what to do.



9. So he called him, and he came in, and they saluted one another.



10. And Tobit said to him, “Brother, of what tribe and of what family are you? Tell me.”



11. He said to him, “Do you seek a tribe and a family, or a hired man which will go with your son?” And Tobit said to him, “I want to know, brother, your kindred and your name.”



12. And he said, “I am Azarias, the son of Ananias the great, of your kindred.”



13. And he said to him, “Welcome, brother. Don’t be angry with me, because I sought to know your tribe and family. You are my brother, of an honest and good lineage; for I knew Ananias and Jathan, the sons of Shemaiah the great, when we went together to Jerusalem to worship, and offered the firstborn, and the tenths of our increase; and they didn’t go astray in the error of our kindred. My brother, you are of a great stock.



14. But tell me, what wages shall I give you? A drachma a day, and those things that be necessary for you, as to my son?



15. And moreover, if you both return safe and sound, I will add something to your wages.”



16. And so they agreed. And he said to Tobias, “Prepare yourself for the journey. May God prosper you.” So his son prepared what was needful for the journey, and his father said to him, “Go with this man; but God, who dwells in heaven, will prosper your journey. May his angel go with you.” Then they both departed, and the young man’s dog went with them.

May his angel go with you. Perhaps they believed in guardian angels.



17. But Anna his mother wept, and said to Tobit, “Why have you sent away our child? Isn’t he the staff of our hand, in going in and out before us?



18. Don’t be greedy to add money to money; but let it be as refuse compared to our child.



19. For what the Lord has given us to live is enough for us.”



20. Tobit said to her, “Don’t worry, my sister. He will return safe and sound, and your eyes will see him.



21. For a good angel will go with him. His journey will be prospered, and he will return safe and sound.”



22. So she stopped weeping.



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