1 Maccabees chapter 16

Simon Maccabees names John Hyrcanus as the new leader. Ptolemy murders Simon Macabees.





VERSE 1. And John went up from Gazara, and told Simon his father what Cendebaeus was doing.

John. That is, John Hyrcanus. He was the son of Simon Maccabees. He was the ruler and high priest from 134 BC until 104 BC.


VERSE 2. And Simon called his two oldest sons, Judas and John, and said to them, I and my kindred and my father’s house have fought the battles of Israel from our youth, even to this day; and things have prospered in our hands, that we should deliver Israel oftentimes.


VERSE 3. But now I am old, and you moreover, by his mercy, are of a sufficient age: be you instead of me and my brother, and go forth and fight for our nation; but let the help which is from heaven be with you.


VERSE 4. And he chose out of the country twenty thousand men of war and horsemen, and they went against Cendebaeus, and slept at Modin.


VERSE 5. And rising up in the morning, they went into the plain, and, behold, a great army came to meet them, of footmen and horsemen: and there was a brook between them.


VERSE 6. And he encamped near them, he and his people: and he saw that the people were afraid to pass over the brook, and he passed over first, and the men saw him, and passed over after him.

he passed over first. The men were frightened to go into the river. From a military perspective, the river was a weak location compared to the dry ground. So John leads the way, by literally leading the way. The leader has to set the pace, by doing.


VERSE 7. And he divided the people, and set the horsemen in the midst of the footmen: but the enemies’ horsemen were exceedingly many.


VERSE 8. And they sounded with the trumpets; and Cendebaeus and his army were put to the rout, and there fell of them many wounded to death, but those who were left fled to the stronghold:


VERSE 9. at that time was Judas John’s brother wounded: but John pursued after them, till he came to Kidron, which Cendebaeus had built;


VERSE 10. and they fled to the towers that are in the fields of Azotus; and he burned it with fire; and there fell of them about two thousand men. And he returned into Judea in peace.




VERSE 11. And Ptolemy the son of Abubus had been appointed captain for the plain of Jericho, and he had much silver and gold;


VERSE 12. for he was the high priest’s son in law.


VERSE 13. And his heart was lifted up, and he was minded to make himself master of the country, and he took counsel deceitfully against Simon and his sons, to make away with them.

he was minded to make himself master of the country. That is, he lusted after power.


VERSE 14. Now Simon was visiting the cities that were in the country, and taking care for the good ordering of them; and he went down to Jericho, himself and Mattathias and Judas his sons, in the hundred and seventy and seventh year, in the eleventh month, which is the month Sebat:


VERSE 15. and the son of Abubus received them deceitfully into the little stronghold that is called Dok, which he had built, and made them a great banquet, and hid men there.


VERSE 16. And when Simon and his sons had drunk freely, Ptolemy and his men rose up, and took their arms, and came in upon Simon into the banqueting place, and killed him, and his two sons, and certain of his servants.


VERSE 17. And he committed a great iniquity, and recompensed evil for good.


VERSE 18. And Ptolemy wrote these things, and sent to the king, that he should send him forces to aid him, and should deliver him their country and the cities.


VERSE 19. And he sent others to Gazara to make away with John: and to the captains of thousands he sent letters to come to him, that he might give them silver and gold and gifts.


VERSE 20. And others he sent to take possession of Jerusalem, and the mount of the temple.


VERSE 21. And one ran before to Gazara, and told John that his father and kindred were perished, and he has sent to kill you also.


VERSE 22. And when he heard, he was sore amazed; and he laid hands on the men that came to destroy him, and killed them; for he perceived that they were seeking to destroy him.


VERSE 23. And the rest of the acts of John, and of his wars, and of his valiant deeds which he did, and of the building of the walls which he built, and of his doings,


VERSE 24. behold, they are written in the chronicles of his high priesthood, from the time that he was made high priest after his father.


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