Esther chapter “B”

Chapter “B” is in Orthodox and Catholic Bibles. It contains the letter from king Ahasuerus summoning his people to exterminate the Jews.





1. The following is the copy of the letter: “From the great king Ahasuerus to the rulers and the governors under them of one hundred twenty-seven provinces, from India even to Ethiopia, who hold authority under him:


2. “Ruling over many nations and having obtained dominion over the whole world, I was determined (not elated by the confidence of power, but ever conducting myself with great moderation and gentleness) to make the lives of my subjects continually tranquil, desiring both to maintain the kingdom quiet and orderly to its utmost limits, and to restore the peace desired by all men.


3. When I had asked my counselors how this should be brought to pass, Haman, who excels in soundness of judgment among us, and has been manifestly well inclined without wavering and with unshaken fidelity, and had obtained the second post in the kingdom,


4. informed us that a certain ill-disposed people is mixed up with all the tribes throughout the world, opposed in their law to every other nation, and continually neglecting the commands of the king, so that the united government blamelessly administered by us is not quietly established.

a certain ill-disposed people. The things Haman says about the Jews are complete lies.


5. Having then conceived that this nation is continually set in opposition to every man, introducing as a change a foreign code of laws, and injuriously plotting to accomplish the worst of evils against our interests, and against the happy establishment of the monarchy;



6. we instruct you in the letter written by Haman, who is set over the public affairs and is our second governor, to destroy them all utterly with their wives and children by the swords of the enemies, without pitying or sparing any, on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month Adar, of the present year;

destroy them all utterly with their wives and children by the swords of the enemies, without pitying or sparing any. Haman persuades the Persian Empire to exterminate the Jews, down to the last woman and child. How could they agree to such an outrageous thing? This is no different than Hitler’s “Final Solution.” We Christian need to love the Jews, anywhere and everywhere, standing with them.



7. that the people aforetime and now ill-disposed to us having been violently consigned to death in one day, may hereafter secure to us continually a well constituted and quiet state of affairs.”



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