Wisdom chapter 4

Adults who do not have children can still have a delightful inheritance. For righteous people, to die is to be at peace. The final judgment of the wicked.



The Book of Wisdom is recognized as Deuterocanonical Scripture by the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, and Catholic Churches





VERSE 1. It is better to be childless with virtue, for immortality is in the memory of virtue, because it is recognized both before God and before men.

childless with virtue. This is making a contrast. But it does not say what it is contrasting with. Presumably it is this: “have children but no virtue.”


VERSE 2. When it is present, people imitate it. They long after it when it has departed. Throughout all time it marches crowned in triumph, victorious in the competition for the prizes that are undefiled.


VERSE 3. But the multiplying brood of the ungodly will be of no profit, and their illegitimate offshoots won’t take deep root, nor will they establish a sure hold.


VERSE 4. For even if they grow branches and flourish for a season, standing unsure, they will be shaken by the wind. They will be uprooted by the violence of winds.


VERSE 5. Their branches will be broken off before they come to maturity. Their fruit will be useless, never ripe to eat, and fit for nothing.


VERSE 6. For unlawfully conceived children are witnesses of wickedness against parents when they are investigated.




VERSE 7. But a righteous man, even if he dies before his time, will be at rest.

a righteous man. If you are a righteous person, you will be at peace after your death. What is important is being righteous, and not the timing of when you die.


VERSE 8. For honorable old age is not that which stands in length of time, nor is its measure given by number of years:


VERSE 9. But understanding is gray hair to men, and an unspotted life is ripe old age.


VERSE 10. Being found well-pleasing to God, he was loved. While living among sinners he was transported.

he was transported. This might allude to Enoch. He was transported from earth directly into heaven, without dying:

Genesis 5:24. Enoch walked with God, and he was not found, for God took him.


VERSE 11. He was caught away, lest evil should change his understanding, or guile deceive his soul.

He was caught away. When we die, it is as if we are snatched away.

lest evil should change his understanding. Perhaps our death will prevent us from falling into evil.


VERSE 12. For the witchcraft of worthlessness obscures the things which are good, and the whirl of desire perverts an innocent mind.


VERSE 13. Being made perfect quickly, he filled a long time;

made perfect quickly. Some people reach an advanced state of holiness at a young age.


VERSE 14. for his soul was pleasing to the Lord. Therefore he hurried out of the midst of wickedness.


VERSE 15. But as for the peoples seeing and not understanding, not considering this, that grace and mercy are with his chosen, and that he visits his holy ones—


VERSE 16. but a righteous man who is dead will condemn the ungodly who are living, and youth that is quickly perfected will condemn the many years of an unrighteous man’s old age.


VERSE 17. For the ungodly will see a wise man’s end, and won’t understand what the Lord planned for him, and why he safely kept him.


VERSE 18. They will see, and they will despise; but the Lord will laugh them to scorn. After this, they will become a dishonored carcass and a reproach among the dead forever;

become a dishonored carcass. Eventually, the bodies of all of us will become a corpse.


VERSE 19. because he will dash them speechless to the ground, and will shake them from the foundations. They will lie utterly waste. They will be in anguish and their memory will perish.




VERSE 20. They will come with coward fear when their sins are counted. Their lawless deeds will convict them to their face.

NAB translation. Fearful shall they come, at the counting up of their sins, and their lawless deeds shall convict them to their face.

at the counting up of their sins. At the Final Judgment, at the End of Days, wicked people will be astounded. Not only will they see their own wickedness, but they will also see the righteousness of those who had walked with God. They had oppressed God’s people in the past, but now they fisee The Big Picture.


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