Wisdom chapter 6

People in leadership positions were given their authority by the LORD God. They need to seek the LORD, and to grow in wisdom.



The Book of Wisdom is recognized as Deuterocanonical Scripture by the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, and Catholic Churches





VERSE 1. Hear therefore, you kings, and understand. Learn, you judges of the ends of the earth.


VERSE 2. Give ear, you rulers who have dominion over many people, and make your boast in multitudes of nations,


VERSE 3. because your dominion was given to you from the Lord, and your sovereignty from the Most High. He will search out your works, and will inquire about your plans;

your dominion was given to you. Kings and other leaders are given their authority.

from the Lord. Authority is given by the LORD God.

He will search out your works. Leaders are accountable to the LORD God for the quality of their leadership.


VERSE 4. because being officers of his kingdom, you didn’t judge rightly, nor did you keep law, nor did you walk according to God’s counsel.


VERSE 5. He will come upon you awfully and swiftly, because a stern judgement comes on those who are in high place.

awfully and swiftly. If the LORD God decides that someone needs to be removed from their office of leadership, it will happen terribly and swiftly.

stern judgement. People in leadership positions are scrutinized more closely than other people.


VERSE 6. For the man of low estate may be pardoned in mercy, but mighty men will be mightily tested.


VERSE 7. For the Sovereign Lord of all will not be impressed with anyone, neither will he show deference to greatness; because it is he who made both small and great, and cares about them all;

not be impressed with anyone. The LORD God does not show partiality.

neither will he show deference to greatness. Lots of political leaders are filled with own ego. They see themselves are vitally important. However, the LORD God is unimpressed. Before him, world leaders are as nothing.


VERSE 8. but the scrutiny that comes upon the powerful is strict.


VERSE 9. Therefore, my words are to you, O princes, that you may learn wisdom and not fall away.


VERSE 10. For those who have kept the things that are holy in holiness will be made holy. Those who have been taught them will find what to say in defense.


VERSE 11. Therefore set your desire on my words. Long for them, and you princes will be instructed.

desire … my words. The Scriptures are food for our spirit. If you could see your spirit, what would it look like, based on how much Bible you eat? Would your soul look like you keep it well fed? Or would it look like a famine-victim?

Long for them. We are to “long” for the words of Sacred Scripture.


VERSE 12. Wisdom is radiant and doesn’t fade away; and is easily seen by those who love her, and found by those who seek her.


VERSE 13. She anticipates those who desire her, making herself known.


VERSE 14. He who rises up early to seek her won’t have difficulty, for he will find her sitting at his gates.


VERSE 15. For to think upon her is perfection of understanding, and he who watches for her will quickly be free from care;


VERSE 16. because she herself goes around, seeking those who are worthy of her, and in their paths she appears to them graciously, and in every purpose she meets them.


VERSE 17. For her true beginning is desire for instruction; and desire for instruction is love.

NAB translation. For the first step toward discipline is a very ear­nest desire for her; then, care for discipline is love of her.

a very ear­nest desire for her. This is the key to just about every area of the spiritual life. It begins with your desire for it. To develop the arduous disciplines necessary to sustain a regular time of con­templative prayer, for example, one must first de­velop a strong de­sire for it.


VERSE 18. And love is observance of her laws. To give heed to her laws confirms immortality.


VERSE 19. Immortality brings closeness to God.


VERSE 20. So then desire for wisdom promotes to a kingdom.


VERSE 21. If therefore you delight in thrones and sceptres, you princes of peoples, honor wisdom, that you may reign forever.


VERSE 22. But what wisdom is, and how she came into being, I will declare. I won’t hide mysteries from you; but I will explore from her first beginning, bring the knowledge of her into clear light, and I will not pass by the truth.


VERSE 23. Indeed, I won’t go with consuming envy, because envy will have no fellowship with wisdom.


VERSE 24. But a multitude of wise men is salvation to the world, and an understanding king is stability for his people.

a multitude of wise men. Lots of people claim to be wise. They might even convince other people that they are wise. But in all likelihood, there are very few people who are astonishingly wise.

is salvation to the world. A group of astonishingly wise people can steer the course of human events in a good direction.

an understanding king. Most political leaders are selected for leadership because they are hungry for power. Very few of them are astonishingly wise.


VERSE 25. Therefore be instructed by my words, and you will profit.

be instructed by my words. Do you submit yourself to instruction each day by the words of the Bible?


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