Jeremiah chapter 25

Judah had ignored the warnings of the prophets. So Jerusalem will be destroyed. And Judah will be taken captive to Babylon.





VERSE 1. The word that came to Jeremiah concerning all the people of Judah, in the fourth year of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah, king of Judah (this was the first year of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon),

The two dates mentioned do not seem to occur in the same calendar year:

the fourth year of Jehoiakim. This would have been from April 12, 605 BC to April 2, 604 BC.

the first year of Nebuchadnezzar. This would have begun on April 2, 604 BC.


VERSE 2. which Jeremiah the prophet spoke to all the people of Judah, and to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem:


VERSE 3. From the thirteenth year of Josiah the son of Amon, king of Judah, even to this day, these twenty-three years, the LORD’s word has come to me, and I have spoken to you, rising up early and speaking; but you have not listened.

these twenty-three years. Jeremiah had been ministering as a prophet for 23 years. His work spanned the reigns of three different kings.

you have not listened. People did not heed Jeremiah. They did not repent.


VERSE 4. The LORD has sent to you all his servants the prophets, rising up early and sending them (but you have not listened or inclined your ear to hear),

sent to you all his servants the prophets. The LORD God sent many prophets to his people.


VERSE 5. saying, “Return now everyone from his evil way, and from the evil of your doings, and dwell in the land that the LORD has given to you and to your fathers, from of old and even forever more.


VERSE 6. Don’t go after other gods to serve them or worship them, and don’t provoke me to anger with the work of your hands; then I will do you no harm.”


VERSE 7. “Yet you have not listened to me,” says the LORD; “that you may provoke me to anger with the work of your hands to your own hurt.”

you have not listened to me. The people did not heed the message of the prophets.

When the prophets spoke, they spoke the message of the LORD God:

Jeremiah 25:7. “Yet you have not listened to me,” says the LORD; “that you may provoke me to anger with the work of your hands to your own hurt.”

Matthew 10:40. He who receives you receives me, and he who receives me receives him who sent me.

Luke 10:16. Whoever listens to you listens to me, and whoever rejects you rejects me. Whoever rejects me rejects him who sent me.”




VERSE 8. Therefore the LORD of Hosts says: “Because you have not heard my words,


VERSE 9. behold, I will send and take all the families of the north,” says the LORD, “and I will send to Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant, and will bring them against this land, and against its inhabitants, and against all these nations around. I will utterly destroy them, and make them an astonishment, and a hissing, and perpetual desolations.

the families of the north. That is, the Babylonians.

Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon. He is called God’s servant because he will destroy Jerusalem.


VERSE 10. Moreover I will take from them the voice of mirth and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the sound of the millstones, and the light of the lamp.




VERSE 11. This whole land will be a desolation, and an astonishment; and these nations will serve the king of Babylon seventy years.

seventy years. Jeremiah prophesied that the exile in Babylon would last for seventy years. Read more »


VERSE 12. “It will happen, when seventy years are accomplished, that I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation,” says the LORD, “for their iniquity. I will make the land of the Kasdim desolate forever.

when seventy years are accomplished. That’s exactly how long it was.

Jeremiah 29:10. For the LORD says, “After seventy years are accomplished for Babylon, I will visit you and perform my good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place.

Why 70 years? Probably because that was the number of Sabbath rests that had not been observed for the land. Every seventh year the land was to lie fallow.


VERSE 13. I will bring on that land all my words which I have pronounced against it, even all that is written in this book, which Jeremiah has prophesied against all the nations.


VERSE 14. For many nations and great kings will make bondservants of them, even of them. I will recompense them according to their deeds, and according to the work of their hands.”


VERSE 15. For the LORD, the God of Israel, says to me: “Take this cup of the wine of wrath from my hand, and cause all the nations to whom I send you to drink it.


VERSE 16. They will drink, and reel back and forth, and be insane, because of the sword that I will send among them.”


VERSE 17. Then I took the cup at the LORD’s hand, and made all the nations to drink, to whom the LORD had sent me:


VERSE 18. Jerusalem, and the cities of Judah, with its kings and its princes, to make them a desolation, an astonishment, a hissing, and a curse, as it is today;


VERSE 19. Pharaoh king of Egypt, with his servants, his princes, and all his people;


VERSE 20. and all the mixed people, and all the kings of the land of Uz, all the kings of the Philistines, Ashkelon, Gaza, Ekron, and the remnant of Ashdod;


VERSE 21. Edom, Moab, and the children of Ammon;


VERSE 22. and all the kings of Tyre, all the kings of Sidon, and the kings of the isle which is beyond the sea;


VERSE 23. Dedan, Tema, Buz, and all who have the corners of their beard cut off;


VERSE 24. and all the kings of Arabia, all the kings of the mixed people who dwell in the wilderness;


VERSE 25. and all the kings of Zimri, all the kings of Elam, and all the kings of the Medes;


VERSE 26. and all the kings of the north, far and near, one with another; and all the kingdoms of the world, which are on the surface of the earth. The king of Sheshach will drink after them.

NLT translation. And I gave it to the kings of the northern countries, far and near, one after the other–all the kingdoms of the world. And finally, the king of Babylon himself drank from the cup of the LORD’s anger.

The king of Sheshach. Who is Sheshach? Most scholars believe that name is a cryptogram for “Babylon.”

drink from the cup. Jeremiah served “cups of wine” to the nations. He spoke words of prophecy.


VERSE 27. “You shall tell them, ‘The LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel says: “Drink, and be drunk, vomit, fall, and rise no more, because of the sword which I will send among you.” ’


VERSE 28. It shall be, if they refuse to take the cup at your hand to drink, then you shall tell them, ‘The LORD of Hosts says: “You shall surely drink.


VERSE 29. For, behold, I begin to work evil at the city which is called by my name; and should you be utterly unpunished? You will not be unpunished; for I will call for a sword on all the inhabitants of the earth, says the LORD of Hosts.” ’


VERSE 30. “Therefore prophesy against them all these words, and tell them, “ ‘The LORD will roar from on high, and utter his voice from his holy habitation. He will mightily roar against his fold. He will give a shout, as those who tread grapes, against all the inhabitants of the earth.


VERSE 31. A noise will come even to the end of the earth; for the LORD has a controversy with the nations. He will enter into judgment with all flesh. As for the wicked, he will give them to the sword,” ’ says the LORD.”


VERSE 32. The LORD of Hosts says, “Behold, evil will go out from nation to nation, and a great storm will be raised up from the uttermost parts of the earth.”


VERSE 33. The slain of the LORD will be at that day from one end of the earth even to the other end of the earth. They won’t be lamented. They won’t be gathered or buried. They will be dung on the surface of the ground.


VERSE 34. Wail, you shepherds, and cry. Wallow in dust, you leader of the flock; for the days of your slaughter and of your dispersions have fully come, and you will fall like fine pottery.


VERSE 35. The shepherds will have no way to flee. The leader of the flock will have no escape.


VERSE 36. A voice of the cry of the shepherds, and the wailing of the leader of the flock, for the LORD destroys their pasture.


VERSE 37. The peaceful folds are brought to silence because of the fierce anger of the LORD.


VERSE 38. He has left his covert, as the lion; for their land has become an astonishment because of the fierceness of the oppression, and because of his fierce anger.


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