Job chapter 18

Bildad the Shuhite denounces Job. Again. He repeats the same old accusations as before.  They are not from the Bible. They are not true.





VERSE 1. Then Bildad the Shuhite answered,


VERSE 2. “How long will you hunt for words? Consider, and afterwards we will speak.


VERSE 3. Why are we counted as animals, which have become unclean in your sight?


VERSE 4. You who tear yourself in your anger, shall the earth be forsaken for you? Or shall the rock be removed out of its place?


VERSE 5. “Yes, the light of the wicked shall be put out, The spark of his fire shall not shine.

the light of the wicked shall be put out. A lamp symbolizes life and prosperity. But for wicked people, Bildad says, it goes out, plunging him into total darkness and confusion.

The spark of his fire shall not shine. Bildad says the wicked are weakened physically.

What Bildad says is not empirically true. Statistically, wicked people are not weaker than holy people.


VERSE 6. The light shall be dark in his tent. His lamp above him shall be put out.


VERSE 7. The steps of his strength shall be shortened. His own counsel shall cast him down.


VERSE 8. For he is cast into a net by his own feet, and he wanders into its mesh.


VERSE 9. A snare will take him by the heel. A trap will catch him.


VERSE 10. A noose is hidden for him in the ground, a trap for him on the path.


VERSE 11. Terrors shall make him afraid on every side, and shall chase him at his heels.


VERSE 12. His strength shall be famished. Calamity shall be ready at his side.

Calamity shall be ready at his side. Bildad says wicked people are poised on the brink of disaster.

What Bildad says is not empirically true. Statistically, wicked people are not poised on the brink of disaster any more than holy people.


VERSE 13. The members of his body shall be devoured. The firstborn of death shall devour his members.

The members of his body. That is, his skin.

shall be devoured. Bildad asserts that a sinner’s skin will be eaten away. Doubtless he is alluding to Job’s skin problem.

The firstborn of death. Bildad says the children of sinners do not even deserve to live.

This is the extent of the depravity of Job’s three “friends.” They see themselves as the authorities who should decide who lives. And who is put to death.


VERSE 14. He shall be rooted out of the security of his tent. He shall be brought to the king of terrors.


VERSE 15. There shall dwell in his tent that which is none of his. Sulfur shall be scattered on his habitation.


VERSE 16. His roots shall be dried up beneath. Above shall his branch be cut off.


VERSE 17. His memory shall perish from the earth. He shall have no name in the street.

His memory shall perish from the earth. Bildad predicts that nobody will remember Job.

However, even now, thousands of years later, the world has an accurate historical memory of Job.

In fact, Bildad is remembered only because of his interactions with Job. Job is the hero of the narrative, and Bildad is one of the villains.


VERSE 18. He shall be driven from light into darkness, and chased out of the world.


VERSE 19. He shall have neither son nor grandson among his people, nor any remaining where he lived.


VERSE 20. Those who come after shall be astonished at his day, as those who went before were frightened.


VERSE 21. Surely such are the dwellings of the unrighteous. This is the place of him who doesn’t know God.”

him who doesn’t know God. Bildad asserts that Job does not even know God.


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