Judith chapter 15

The Assyrian soldiers are overcome with dread and flee for their lives. Tiny Israel annihilates them. Judith receives full credit for the victory.





1 When those who were in the tents heard, they were amazed at what happened.

those who were in the tents. That is, the soldiers in the Assyrian army.



2 Trembling and fear fell upon them, and no man dared stay any more in the sight of his neighbor, but rushing out with one accord, they fled into every way of the plain and of the hill country.

no man dared stay any more. The soldiers of the Assyrian army are overcome with dread.

they fled into every way. The Assyrian soldiers flee for their very lives. Every single one of them.




3 Those who had encamped in the hill country round about Bethulia fled away. And then the children of Israel, every one who was a warrior among them, rushed out upon them.

the children of Israel … rushed out upon them. This is the moment they have been waiting for. Despite being overwhelmingly out-numbered, they act. They pursue the Assyrian army.






4 Ozias sent to Betomasthaim, Bebai, Chobai, and Chola, and to every coast of Israel, to tell about the things that had been accomplished, and that all should rush upon their enemies to destroy them.

Ozias. That is, Uzziah the high priest. Back in chapter 4, he had seized command of Israel’s military.

that all should rush upon their enemies. Uzziah orders Israel’s military to pursue the Assyrian army.

to destroy them. Israel’s military is to annihilate the Assyrian army.



5 But when the children of Israel heard, they all fell upon them with one accord, and struck them to Chobai. Yes, and in like manner also they of Jerusalem and of all the hill country came (for men had told them about what happened in their enemies’ camp), and those who were in Gilead and in Galilee fell upon their flank with a great slaughter, until they were past Damascus and its borders.



6 The rest of the people who lived at Bethulia fell upon the camp of Asshur, and plundered them, and were enriched exceedingly.



7 The children of Israel returned from the slaughter, and got possession of that which remained. The villages and the cities that were in the hill country and in the plain country, took many spoils; for there was an exceedingly great supply.

there was an exceedingly great supply. Israel took a great deal of booty.






8 Joakim the high priest, and the elders of the children of Israel who lived in Jerusalem, came to see the good things which the Lord had showed to Israel, and to see Judith, and to salute her.

to see Judith, and to salute her. That is, to meet and congratulate her.



9 When they came to her, they all blessed her with one accord, and said to her, “You are the exaltation of Jerusalem! You are the great glory of Israel! You are the great rejoicing of our race!

You are the exaltation of Jerusalem. The nation credits this mighty victory to Judith!



10 You have done all these things by your hand. You have done with Israel the things that are good, and God is pleased with it. Blessed be you with the Almighty Lord forever.” And all the people said, “Amen!”



11 And the people plundered the camp for the space of thirty days: and they gave Holofernes’ tent to Judith, along with all his silver cups, his beds, his bowls, and all his furniture. She took them, and placed them on her mule, and prepared her wagons, and heaped them on it.

they gave Holofernes’ tent to Judith. This is probably the greatest booty in the history of warfare.



12 And all the women of Israel ran together to see her; and they blessed her, and made a dance among them for her. She took branches in her hand, and distributed them to the women who were with her.



13 Then they made themselves garlands of olive, she and those who were with her, and she went before all the people in the dance, leading all the women. All the men of Israel followed in their armor with garlands, and with songs in their mouths.

with songs in their mouths. The people of Israel are still godly people. Upon this great victory, they sing songs!



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