Sirach chapter 3

Relationships within a nominally functional family. Like Micah said, we are to walk humbly with the Lord. And we are to give money to poor people.



The Book of Sirach is recognized as Deuterocanonical Scripture by the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, and Catholic Churches





VERSE 1. Hear me your father, O my children, And do thereafter, that you may be saved.


VERSE 2. For the Lord has given the father glory as touching the children, And has confirmed the judgement of the mother as touching the sons.

given the father. A father  has God-given authority over his children. However, a father permanently forfeits that authority if he abuses them in any way.

confirmed … the mother. A mother has God-given authority over her children. However, a mother permanently forfeits that authority if she abuses them in any way.


VERSE 3. He that honors his father will make atonement for sins:

honors his father. Children are to honor their father. Unless, of course, he is abusive toward them. Then they must flee.


VERSE 4. And he that gives glory to his mother is as one that lays up treasure.

glory to his mother. Children are to glorify their mother. Unless, of course, she is abusive toward them. Then they must flee.


VERSE 5. Whoso honors his father will have joy of his children; And in the day of his prayer he will be heard.


VERSE 6. He that gives glory to his father will have length of days; And he that listens to the Lord will bring rest to his mother,


VERSE 7. And will do service under his parents, as to masters.


VERSE 8. In deed and word honor your father, That a blessing may come upon you from him.

a blessing … from him. In those days, children hoped to receive a blessing from their father.


VERSE 9. For the blessing of the father establishes the houses of children; But the curse of the mother roots out the foundations.

roots out the foundations. An abusive parent uproots one’s whole life. The damage could possibly last a lifetime.


VERSE 10. Glorify not yourself in the dishonor of your father; For your father’s dishonor is no glory to you.


VERSE 11. For the glory of a man is from the honor of his father; And a mother in dishonor is a reproach to her children.


VERSE 12. My son, help your father in his old age; And grieve him not as long as he lives.

grieve him not. Children should not deliberately grieve their parents. Unless, of course, the parents are abusive. If so, the child must flee.


VERSE 13. And if he fails in understanding, have patience with him; And dishonor him not while you are in your full strength.


VERSE 14. For the relieving of your father will not be forgotten: And instead of sins it will be added to build you up.

NAB translation. Kindness toward a father will not be forgotten: it will serve as a sin offering—it will take lasting root.

Kindness toward a father. For many people it is easier to be kind toward their mother. Kindness toward a father is more unusual.


VERSE 15. In the day of your affliction it will remember you; As fair weather upon ice, So will your sins also melt away.


VERSE 16. He that forsakes his father is as a blasphemer; And he that provokes his mother is cursed of the Lord.

forsakes his father. This is to be avoided. Unless, of course, the father is abusive. Then the child must flee.

provokes his mother. This is to be avoided. Unless, of course, the mother is abusive. Then the child must flee.




VERSE 17. My son, go on with your business in meekness; So will you be beloved of an acceptable man.


VERSE 18. The greater you are, humble yourself the more, And you will find favor before the Lord.

Numbers 12:3. Now the man Moses was very humble, more than any man who was on the face of the earth. (NASB translation)


[VERSE 19. For great is the power of God; by the humble he is glorified.]

This verse is omitted in the best manuscripts. The above is from the NAB translation.


VERSE 20. For great is the potency of the Lord, And he is glorified of those who are lowly.

Micah 6:8. He has shown you, O man, what is good. What does the LORD require of you, but to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?


VERSE 21. Seek not things that are too hard for you, And search not out things that are above your strength.


VERSE 22. The things that have been commanded you, think thereupon; For you have no need of the things that are secret.


VERSE 23. Be not over busy in your superfluous works: For more things are showed to you than men can understand.


VERSE 24. For the conceit of many has led them astray; And evil surmising has caused their judgement to slip.



This verse is omitted in the best manuscripts.


VERSE 26. A stubborn heart will fare ill at the last; And he that loves danger will perish therein.

he that loves danger will perish therein. Jesus spoke of this:

Matthew 26:52. Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place, for all those who take the sword will die by the sword.


VERSE 27. A stubborn heart will be laden with troubles; And the sinner will heap sin upon sin.


VERSE 28. The calamity of the proud is no healing; For a plant of wickedness has taken root in him.


VERSE 29. The heart of the prudent will understand a parable; And the ear of a listener is the desire of a wise man.




VERSE 30. Water will quench a flaming fire; And almsgiving will make atonement for sins.


VERSE 31. He that requites good turns is mindful of that which comes afterward; And in the time of his falling he will find a support.


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