Sirach chapter 47

The author remembers three more heroes of the faith: Nathan, David, and Solomon. They are great role models for us. After them, darkness took over the land.



The Book of Sirach is recognized as Deuterocanonical Scripture by the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, and Catholic Churches





VERSE 1. And after him rose up Nathan To prophesy in the days of David.

Nathan. He prophesied the covenant God was making with David. And he reprimanded David for committing adultery with Bathsheba.




VERSE 2. As is the fat when it is separated from the peace offering, So was David separated from the children of Israel.


VERSE 3. He played with lions as with kids, And with bears as with lambs of the flock.


VERSE 4. In his youth did he not kill a giant, And take away reproach from the people, When he lifted up his hand with a sling stone, And beat down the boasting of Goliath?


VERSE 5. For he called upon the Most High Lord; And he gave him strength in his right hand, To kill a man mighty in war, To exalt the horn of his people.

in his right hand. The Bible often mentions “the right hand” of God. That is a position of power and honor. We believe it refers to Jesus Christ. More verses about the right hand.


VERSE 6. So they glorified him for his ten thousands, And praised him for the blessings of the Lord, In that there was given him a diadem of glory.


VERSE 7. For he destroyed the enemies on every side, And brought to nothing the Philistines his adversaries, Brake their horn in pieces to this day.


VERSE 8. In every work of his he gave thanks to the Holy One Most High with words of glory; With his whole heart he sang praise, And loved him that made him.

With his whole heart he sang praise. David praised God wholeheartedly. Do you?


VERSE 9. Also he set singers before the altar, And to make sweet melody by their music.


VERSE 10. He gave beauty to the feasts, And set in order the seasons to perfection, While they praised his holy name, And the sanctuary sounded from early morning.


VERSE 11. The Lord took away his sins, And exalted his horn forever; And gave him a covenant of kings, And a throne of glory in Israel.




VERSE 12. After him rose up a son, a man of understanding; And for his sake he lived at large.


VERSE 13. Solomon reigned in days of peace; And to him God gave rest round about, That he might set up a house for his name, And prepare a sanctuary forever.

in days of peace. David was a man of war. But Solomon was not. However, the rule of Solomon was hardly peaceful. He imposed intolerable taxes on his own people. And he conscripted an army of human slaves.


VERSE 14. How wise was you made in your youth, And filled as a river with understanding!


VERSE 15. Your soul covered the earth, And you filled it with dark parables.


VERSE 16. Your name reached to the aisles afar off; And for your peace you were beloved.


VERSE 17. For your songs and proverbs and parables, And for your interpretations, the countries marveled at you.


VERSE 18. By the name of the Lord God, Which is called the God of Israel, You did gather gold as tin, And did multiply silver as lead.


VERSE 19. You did bow your loins to women, And in your body you were brought into subjection.

You did bow your loins to women. That is, Solomon gave in to his sexual urges, just like his father David.


VERSE 20. You did blemish your honor, And profane your seed, To bring wrath upon your children; And I was grieved for your folly:


VERSE 21. So that the sovereignty was divided, And out of Ephraim ruled a disobedient kingdom.


VERSE 22. But the Lord will never forsake his mercy; And he will not destroy any of his works, Nor blot out the posterity of his elect; And the seed of him that loved him he will not take away; And he gave a remnant to Jacob, And to David a root out of him.

a remnant. The Bible describes a uniquely faithful group of believers called “the remnant.” Are they Jewish or Christians? Now or in the future? Who are they really? Read more »




VERSE 23. And so rested Solomon with his fathers; And of his seed he left behind him Rehoboam, Even the foolishness of the people, and one that lacked understanding, Who made the people to revolt by his counsel. Also Jeroboam the son of Nebat, Who made Israel to sin, And gave to Ephraim a way of sin.


VERSE 24. And their sins were multiplied exceedingly, To remove them from their land.


VERSE 25. For they sought out all manner of wickedness, Till vengeance should come upon them.


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