The Postmodern Era of Church History (1962 AD to present)

The Postmodern era of church history began in 1962 AD and continues to the present day.



Second Council of the Vatican


(Ecumenical) Council. Held in Italy. Attended by 2,540 prelates.

One of the most important Councils. Its purpose was to renew and update the Catholic church, and promote unity among Christians.


C. S. Lewis

Died 1963 AD


Mere Christianity

Screwtape Letters (198 pages)

Surprised by Joy


Paul Tillich

Died 1965


Systematic Theology


Thomas Merton

Died 1968

Trappist monk


The Seven Storey Mountain

New Seeds of Contemplation

The Inner Experience: Notes on Contemplation


Jacques Maritain

Died 1973


Integral Humanism


Rudulf Bultmann

Died 1976

Founder of New Testament form criti­cism


Theology of the New Testament


Henri J. M. Nouwen

Died 1996 AD


The Return of the Prodigal Son


Owen Barfield

Died 1997


Meriol Trevor

Died 2000

Converted from agnostic to Roman Catholic.

She was one of the most prolific Roman Catholic women writers of the twentieth century and won prestigious awards for her writing.


Two-volume biography of John Henry Newman


Avery Dulles

Died 2008


Models of the Church

Models of Revelation


Thích Nhất Hạnh


Living Buddha, Living Christ (198 pages)



The Patristic Era of Church History (33 to 590 AD)

The Medieval Era of Church History (590 to 1417 AD)

The Reformation Era of Church History (1417 to 1648 AD)

The Modern Era of Church History (1648 to 1962 AD)

The Postmodern Era of Church History (1962 AD to present)

The Ecumenical Councils

The Doctors of the Catholic Church

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