1 Chronicles chapter 27

David appoints government officials.





VERSE 1. Now the children of Israel after their number, the heads of fathers’ households and the captains of thousands and of hundreds, and their officers who served the king in any matter of the divisions which came in and went out month by month throughout all the months of the year—of every division were twenty-four thousand.

month by month. The military has 12 divisions.

went out month by month. Each division serves one month of active duty per year.

twenty-four thousand. The military has 24,000 men.


VERSE 2. Over the first division for the first month was Jashobeam the son of Zabdiel. In his division were twenty-four thousand.

Jashobeam. He is one of David’s three mighty men:

1 Chronicles 11:11. This is the number of the mighty men whom David had: Jashobeam, the son of a Hachmonite, the chief of the thirty; he lifted up his spear against three hundred and killed them at one time.


VERSE 3. He was of the children of Perez, the chief of all the captains of the army for the first month.


VERSE 4. Over the division of the second month was Dodai the Ahohite and his division, and Mikloth the ruler; and in his division were twenty-four thousand.

Dodai the Ahohite. He is the father of Eleazar, who is one of David’s three mighty men:

1 Chronicles 11:12. After him was Eleazar the son of Dodo, the Ahohite, who was one of the three mighty men.


VERSE 5. The third captain of the army for the third month was Benaiah, the son of Jehoiada the chief priest. In his division were twenty-four thousand.

Benaiah. He is a famous warrior of the “second three” and is over the Thirty:

1 Chronicles 11:22. Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, the son of a valiant man of Kabzeel, who had done mighty deeds, killed the two sons of Ariel of Moab. He also went down and killed a lion in the middle of a pit on a snowy day.


VERSE 6. This is that Benaiah who was the mighty man of the thirty and over the thirty. Of his division was Ammizabad his son.


VERSE 7. The fourth captain for the fourth month was Asahel the brother of Joab, and Zebadiah his son after him. In his division were twenty-four thousand.

Asahel. He is David’s own nephew.

Appointing your own family member to a government position is called NEPOTISM.

Nepotism is a corrupt practice.


VERSE 8. The fifth captain for the fifth month was Shamhuth the Izrahite. In his division were twenty-four thousand.


VERSE 9. The sixth captain for the sixth month was Ira the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite. In his division were twenty-four thousand.


VERSE 10. The seventh captain for the seventh month was Helez the Pelonite, of the children of Ephraim. In his division were twenty-four thousand.


VERSE 11. The eighth captain for the eighth month was Sibbecai the Hushathite, of the Zerahites. In his division were twenty-four thousand.


VERSE 12. The ninth captain for the ninth month was Abiezer the Anathothite, of the Benjamites. In his division were twenty-four thousand.


VERSE 13. The tenth captain for the tenth month was Maharai the Netophathite, of the Zerahites. In his division were twenty-four thousand.


VERSE 14. The eleventh captain for the eleventh month was Benaiah the Pirathonite, of the children of Ephraim. In his division were twenty-four thousand.


VERSE 15. The twelfth captain for the twelfth month was Heldai the Netophathite, of Othniel. In his division were twenty-four thousand.


VERSE 16. Furthermore over the tribes of Israel: of the Reubenites, Eliezer the son of Zichri was the ruler; of the Simeonites, Shephatiah the son of Maacah;

over the tribes of Israel. These rulers may be of a semi-military nature.

In the verses that follow, the tribes of Gad and Asher are not mentioned.


VERSE 17. of Levi, Hashabiah the son of Kemuel; of Aaron, Zadok;


VERSE 18. of Judah, Elihu, one of the brothers of David; of Issachar, Omri the son of Michael;


VERSE 19. of Zebulun, Ishmaiah the son of Obadiah; of Naphtali, Jeremoth the son of Azriel;


VERSE 20. of the children of Ephraim, Hoshea the son of Azaziah; of the half-tribe of Manasseh, Joel the son of Pedaiah;


VERSE 21. of the half-tribe of Manasseh in Gilead, Iddo the son of Zechariah; of Benjamin, Jaasiel the son of Abner;


VERSE 22. of Dan, Azarel the son of Jeroham. These were the captains of the tribes of Israel.


VERSE 23. But David didn’t take the number of them from twenty years old and under, because the LORD had said he would increase Israel like the stars of the sky.


VERSE 24. Joab the son of Zeruiah began to take a census, but didn’t finish; and wrath came on Israel for this. The number wasn’t put into the account in the chronicles of king David.

Joab the son of Zeruiah began to take a census. This is phrased in such a way as to blame Joab instead of David.

But it was David who ordered the census. Joab did the census because David ordered him to do so. And Joab did it under objection.


VERSE 25. Over the king’s treasures was Azmaveth the son of Adiel. Over the treasures in the fields, in the cities, in the villages, and in the towers was Jonathan the son of Uzziah;


VERSE 26. Over those who did the work of the field for tillage of the ground was Ezri the son of Chelub.


VERSE 27. Over the vineyards was Shimei the Ramathite. Over the increase of the vineyards for the wine cellars was Zabdi the Shiphmite.


VERSE 28. Over the olive trees and the sycamore trees that were in the lowland was Baal Hanan the Gederite. Over the cellars of oil was Joash.


VERSE 29. Over the herds that fed in Sharon was Shitrai the Sharonite. Over the herds that were in the valleys was Shaphat the son of Adlai.


VERSE 30. Over the camels was Obil the Ishmaelite. Over the donkeys was Jehdeiah the Meronothite. Over the flocks was Jaziz the Hagrite.


VERSE 31. All these were the rulers of the property which was king David’s.


VERSE 32. Also Jonathan, David’s uncle, was a counselor, a man of understanding, and a scribe. Jehiel the son of Hachmoni was with the king’s sons.


VERSE 33. Ahithophel was the king’s counselor. Hushai the Archite was the king’s friend.


VERSE 34. After Ahithophel was Jehoiada the son of Benaiah, and Abiathar. Joab was the captain of the king’s army.


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