Psalm 54

David wants God to defend him and to destroy his enemies. They are men of violence and “godless.” After being rescued, David will sacrifice to God.




For the Chief Musician. On stringed instruments. A contemplation by David, when the Ziphites came and said to Saul, “Isn’t David hiding himself among us?”


VERSE 1. Save me, God, by your name. Vindicate me in your might.

Vindicate me. That is, “defend me” (NLT translation) or “defend my cause” (NAB translation).

by your name. David bases his petition on the name of God. Curiously, in this psalm, David does not use the name of God. That is, he does not mention the tetragrammaton (the four-letter name of God).


VERSE 2. Hear my prayer, God. Listen to the words of my mouth.


VERSE 3. For strangers have risen up against me. Violent men have sought after my soul. They haven’t set God before them. Selah.

Violent men have sought after my soul. David’s enemies were men of violence. Of course David himself was a man of great violence.

They haven’t set God before them. They are “godless.”


VERSE 4. Behold, God is my helper. The Lord is the one who sustains my soul.


VERSE 5. He will repay the evil to my enemies. Destroy them in your truth.

He will repay the evil to my enemies. David wants God to turn back evil upon his foes.

Destroy them. David wants God to destroy his enemies.


VERSE 6. With a free will offering, I will sacrifice to you. I will give thanks to your name, LORD, for it is good.

I will sacrifice to you. This reflects a bartering mindset. If God does thus-and-such for David, then David will so thus-and-such for God. Specifically, if God defeats David’s enemies, then David will make a generous sacrifice to God.


VERSE 7. For he has delivered me out of all trouble. My eye has seen triumph over my enemies.


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